What’s planned for SharePoint Server 2019

At Ignite Conference 2017 in Orlando, Microsoft has announced the next SharePoint Server 2019 coming as preview til mid of 2018. As Jeff Teper also announced, there will be again a dedicated SharePoint Conference in LasVegas from 21. – 23 May. So that could be a good timeframe to release the official preview. For those of you, who want to get in contact with the next Release earlier, can join the TAP Program (Program Code: SPT 232) Microsoft is offering. (Not every application will be accepted).

The Release of SharePoint Server 2019 is then planned for late 2018:

SharePoint Server 2019 Release date


Right now, Microsoft has not finally decided what exactly will come with the next Server Version. But as Microsoft is following the strategy “Cloud first”, the possible feature set will come from the investments they do for SharePoint Online. And there have been a lot of innovations in the last months. So here the best candicated that we might see onpremise:

The Modern Experience

In the last months, Microsoft has started to modernize the UI of SharePoint Online. The new look & feel is called the “Modern Experience” and it is a totally new and fresh UI. Microsoft is going to target a very clean and simple user Interface. The overloaded ribbon has gone and got replaced with a clean command bar with only the most important Tasks the user needs every day. But the modern experience has not yet found its way to every SharePoint page. When you open the web site settings for example, you will still find the classic UI. The modern UI is yet available for Lists and Libraries, the page content and for the new Team and Communication sites. So these might be good candicated for the next Server Version, as these features have been available in SharePoint Online since several weeks. The new introduced Hub Sites on the other side, might not find the way into the new Server as they just got announced at Ignite.

With both UI Versions in the product, the classic and the modern one, I am realy excited to figure out the migration Szenarios 🙂

Latest version of SharePoint Framework

At Ignite, the SharePoint Framework Extensions reached GA. With that, everyone now is able to use the latest client side development frameworks like Vui.js or React to extend the capabilities of SharePoint Online. The PNP Team also announced the release of Version 1.3 of the Yeoman Generator that is now able to let you choose to create a SharePoint framework solution for SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premise. If you choose to create a solution for SharePoint On-Premise, the Yeoman Generator than uses the SharePoint Framework Version 1.0.2, which does not support the SharePoint Framework Extensions. So On-Premise you can “only” build SharePoint Framework Webparts right now.

For SharePoint Server 2019 we would expect to get the latest version of SharePoint Framework including the following features that will be shipped till end of 2017.

SharePoint Framework Roadmap til end of 2017

PowerApps and Flow Integration

Two new powerful features were introduced and are now available within SharePoint Online. PowerApps, the new “apps builder” and designer for list forms and Flow, the new way to build workflows within SharePoint Online. PowerApps as a replacement of InfoPath (will still be available) and Flow as a replacement of SharePoint Designer Workflows will both be a very important feature to enable customers building business apps in a easy and intuitiv way. But both features will also be a important base for SharePoint Developers building feature rich applications. For example will you be able to trigger a Flow as soon as a new team or communication site is created. This flow could then trigger a specific provisioning to brand the new created site or place specific Webparts. So if Flow or PowerApps are components to build solutions based on the new SharePoint Framework, these two features must also be available for On-Premise Servers, maybe using a hybrid scenario that Microsoft uses for Search or Metadata as well.

Migration Scenarios for SharePoint Server 2019

In the moment there will only be two possible migration scenarios:

  1. Database Attach method from SharePoint Server 2016.
    Direct migration from SharePoint Server 2013 to 2019 will not be supported.
  2. Building new farm with SharePoint Server 2019 and using 3rd Party Tools like ShareGate for Content Migration.
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